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Why partnership boosts a Cryptocurrency?

Nowadays people getting bored in the cryptoworld because every second new ICO/Cryptocurrency is just a scam. So a new partnership for a cryptocurrency immediately boost it’s value and people starting to see the potential in it. As you can see the „we accept this crypto” label doesn’t really working because you can choose hunderds of coins now, but if a cryptocurrency makes a real partnership like developing something together with a big company it increases the trust level for the coin and it’s blockchain technology.

This is why there are a lots of cryptocurrency like DigiByte is out of the spotlight. DigiByte is a really valuable coin and it’s blockchain solution is perfect, but without the trust for the coin and the management it’s worthless. DigiByte needs a partnership with a company which wants to work together with the DigiByte team and it will be increases it’s value and trust level. As DigiByte is now focusing for the internet security maybe needs a Security company which is also focusing on it.

Why DigiByte?

DigiByte is a fully decentralised blockchain with working products like DigiID, DigiShield, DiguSign etc… and with a community which is working with the core members to make it better from  day to day. When DigiByte find a good partner to work with it, DigiByte and it’s real life solutions will reach everyone.