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I looked for a solution to solve the 1-3 days SEPA transactions. Nowadays an EUR/HUF, USD/HUF, etc. transactions needs min. 2 days to be finished. That’s too slow and expensive with those transaction fees.

Yeah, yeah but what else?

The Blockchain is the best solution for this annoying problem, and why? The Blockchain ecosystem works faster than the current bank system and it’s decentralized or partly decentralized. You can easily sell and buy cryptocurrencies on exchanges and if you want your money back you need SEPA transactions from these exchanges but what if you have a card which could skip the SEPA transaction and it’s only needs a simple cryptocurrency transaction.

How to get cash?

Now I’m using BTC/EUR/HUF transactions with lower fees than SEPA and much more speed than anything. BTC/EUR conversion is only takes 15-20 mins depends on the BTC network and you get your money from any ATMs

epayments card

You only need an ePayments registration were you can get a prepaid Mastercard which is perfect for it. The card has a $2.6 fee /transaction and a $3 /month (if your transactions doesn’t reach $300) which is great because i can use the service at the weekends too.